Mystery of the Great Pyramid Solved

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Fire In Middle

A huge power house for creating electrified water, the Great Pyramid will
Never Be looked at the same.

James Brown’s first visited Egypt in 1978 with a team of seven researchers.
He was compelled to gain first-hand evidence of the nature and purpose of the
pyramids. As a general contractor for more than fifty years Brown realizes
the Egyptian pyramids could not be tombs. Following the familiar principle
in architecture that form follows function, he saw that it was impossible
to enter the so-called burial chamber due to the angle and size of the
passages. These huge stone structures did not align with their supposed purpose
or with ancient Egyptian burial practices. After nearly four decades of research
James Brown has concluded that the great pyramid of Giza fits the profile
of a type of chemical laser and the Giza Plateau functioned as a massive
industrial complex. Recently a man-made tunnel has been discovered under
the Giza Plateau that connects the Great Pyramid to the Nile River.
During the annual flooding in ancient times, water from Nile coursed through
the Great Pyramid and through a powerful chemical process created
what Brown calls Earthmilk, electrified water. This electrified and enhanced
elixir served many purposes, including enlivening the human body and
flowing into the river to enrich the animal life living in the water and
the soil on the banks, resulting in rich abundant crops. Fire in Middle
outlines his compelling and detailed research and his journey of discovery
with mare that 350 stunning full-color images and diagrams. you will
never see the pyramids in the same way again.


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