“James Ernest Brown takes the reader on an exciting step by step journey
through the Great Pyramid. His compelling physical evidence is right before
your eyes. Clearly, the pyramids were never tombs. Egyptologists have really
missed the mark on this one” – David Denton, Florida

“The concept of electrifying water with the Great Pyramid is really thinking
outside the box. James Brown’s evidence in Fire In Middle is overwhelming.
I have to rethink everything I know about Pyramids.”- Rodney Hart, Utah

“I’ve read many opinions about the Great Pyramid. Browns idea makes a great
deal of sense and he offers compelling proof.”-Frank Taylor, Texas

NOTE: THANK YOU Dr. Carmen Boulter (who did, “The Pyramid Code” series). I caught her interview 4/18/2016, on Richard C. Hoagland’s radio show – “Other Side of Midnight”; where she praised the research of author James Brown and his new book which I’m reviewing here.

“One should not be ‘put-off’ by the sub-title of this book, or some of the ‘necessary’ sexual subject matter which the author addresses, as that would be a darn shame and perhaps says more about our “Westernized” and oft puritanical sense of sexuality and procreation themes than anything else? The ancient Egyptian use of these themes and motifs, seem fundamentally pure and ignorant of anything close to what we might perceive as pornographic in content or nature; at least IMHO. Theirs was a cosmogony and worldview, that most of us may never fully comprehend.
Having said that, WOW – the thesis of which James Brown presents in this book is nothing less than revolutionary; it is a refreshing revelation that finally makes some sense out of some very enigmatic and arcane artifacts and pictorial representations, left for us to decipher.
– Of course mainstream Egyptology will not touch research and thinking like this with a ten-meter obelisk. Why (you may ask)? Because it questions the staid-misguided paradigm, born of the mindset of ‘Victorian orthodoxy’, as pawned by 19th century European explorers (some of dubious pedigree; Col. Howard Vyse comes to mind, but that’s another story). We’ve been living with the detritus of these falsehoods (e.g. “The Pyramids are Tombs!”) as well as a lot of other contrived ‘BS’ ever since.

Ever wonder about things like the “Dendera light bulb”? How about the fact that there are no blackened smudge marks (due to ‘low-tech’ torches, candles, or lanterns) on any of the ceilings of any of the temples, tombs or pyramids whatsoever? Hmm, that’s strange.
And yet the focus of this book is not on that particular enigma (however related), but shows a whole new set of formerly unknown and or hugely misinterpreted artifacts, along with paintings, reliefs and ‘pictograms’, which used electricity (static-electricity to be more specific) in ways that we of the modern era are almost universally and totally ignorant of; that is until now… Were talking gold as the perfect conductor (gold covered everything connected to royalty), Telluric currents, “Tesla-like” technologies, a different understanding of “how electricity, magnetism, and gravity worked.”
– How about ancient “Leyden jars”; Royal staffs that (exactly) resemble lightening rods, electrical capacitors (misidentified as polished metal ‘hand-mirrors’), or misidentified “Royal ceremonial chambers” that just so happen to look a lot like gold gilded Faraday cages? This is but the tip of the iceberg, and I hope I’ve made my point – this is the culmination of over forty years of dedicated research, and it shows.

I now have a whole new appreciation for this enigmatic culture, who was either archiving, preserving, and using much older ‘hand-me-down’ knowledge from the mists of hoary antiquity. Or this was a ‘home-grown’ science finely-tuned after centuries, or even millennia of trial and error? Either way this borders on the fantastic, and is a whole new way of interpreting what many of those classic Egyptian ‘pictograms’ were trying to convey (think of instructions, or an instruction guide).
– The author devotes the last chapter to Mr. Edward Leedskalnin of ‘Corral Castle’ fame. If you haven’t heard of this unusual and unorthodox ‘real-life’ character, you should Google him. If you are aware of his story, this book goes a long way to help explain how he accomplished what he did (that which those who run the “Reality Show” which we are all participating in probably would prefer us not to know).
– Finally; this is an important book; I sincerely hope Mr. Brown gets the credit he deserves for understanding and sharing that which has been so often misunderstood and misinterpreted, but was right there staring us in the face all along.” –on